Comercio Partners Direct Eurobond Investment

The Comercio Partners Direct Eurobond Investment allows you to invest directly with our guidance in a broad array of high yielding, liquid sovereign and corporate bonds.

The Comercio Dollar Note allows you to invest directly in a high yielding corporate and sovereign Eurobonds. Within this composition, we create a sub-custody account that allows the underlying investment to be held in the beneficiary’s name.

You can count on us for advisory and execution services. There is a custody and management fee for this service.

1. Why Eurobond investments?

The Eurobond is a type of bond that is issued in a currency different from that of the country or market in which it is issued, it helps hedge against devaluation of the local currency.

2. What is the difference between the corporate and sovereign Eurobonds?

Sovereign Eurobonds are issued by countries/governments while the corporates are issued by corporate entities.

3. What are the underlying assets of the Corporate Eurobonds?

The instruments are essentially dollar denominated bonds issued by corporate entities.

4. What is the yield and minimum holding period?

Due to the nature of the market, yields fluctuate from time to time, depending on your time of purchase but remain very competitive. Minimum holding period is 9 months.

5. Are both asset classes (Corporate and Sovereign) liquid?

They are both liquid. However, the sovereigns are more liquid.


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