Investment Bouquet

Our investment bouquet comprises of a broad range of investment opportunities tailored to cater to the versatility of our clients’ needs. We offer bespoke solutions that provide capital preservation, liquidity and wealth generation.

Active Portfolio Management (A-Port)
This product is designed to generate benchmark beating returns on a consistent basis. Your dedicated Portfolio Manager identifies market entry and exit opportunities across the various asset classes.

Government Backed Investment (GBI)
GBI is designed to cater for the needs of investors who seek low risk investments. Clients’ can invest funds in Federal Government fixed income securities (Treasury Bills and FGN Bonds) through the primary and secondary market at an agreed rate of return.

Comercio Checking Investment Product (CCIP)
An investment opportunity targeted at corporates, with checking account features but however provides you with competitive returns on your floating funds and easy accessibility to your funds.

Comercio Dollar Portfolio (CDP)
This creates an opportunity for investors who are keen on enhancing their USD returns whilst diversifying their Naira portfolio.

Enhanced Investment Options (EIO)
EIO is an investment product structured for clients with capital inflow into the country, who wish to partake in Futures Derivative contracts. These contracts afford you the right to repatriate your US Dollars at a predetermined price and date in the future.

Retail Fixed Income (ReFi)
A chance to give lower income earners and savers an opportunity to invest funds in an interest bearing vehicle.