Retail Fixed Income (ReFi)

Retail Fixed Income

This product is targeted at young professionals who have seen the need to start saving towards the future. The product is also suitable for people in the middle-income bracket who wish to have some form of investment relationship where they can also achieve a competitive return on investment.

The REFI can be opened as an Individual or Joint account relationship. This product will also allow for minimal documentation from the customers due to the target market we wish to attract in line with the 3 tier Know Your Customer (KYC) regulation by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The benefits of this investment are:

  1. Creates a saving culture
  2. Secured investment
  3. Return on idle funds
  4. Can be used to save towards a future project e.g. Business capital

Investment Bouquet

Our investment bouquet comprises of a broad range of investment opportunities tailored to cater to the versatility of our clients’ needs. We offer bespoke solutions that provide capital preservation, liquidity and wealth generation.